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The last class of this semester, in which we lectured and discussed as many aspects of telenovelas as possible, finally arrived. Following the course's tradition, I taught the last class at my house with dinner and a Tres Leches for dessert:. Both were generous as they shared with us their experiences in the world of telenovelas.

Following are the two videos of the conversations, where you will find valuable angles and points of view regarding writing, acting and musical composition.

Thanks to them, I continue on my research path about this television genre, whose apparent simplicity hides its fascinating complexity. I also thank my 24 students for everything they taught me and for their interesting reflections in our class blog. Finally, thanks to our guests who shared with us their knowledge and talent. Posted by Dr. Alberto is the author of many telenovelas. Alberto delighted my class with his sincerity and enthusiasm.

Through him were were able to see better the telenovela rosawe got closer to the daily writing effort that every telenovela requires, and we felt the happiness of someone who enjoys what he does. Here is a video with excerpts from our class conversation.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. My telenovelas class would be incomplete without the opportunity to talk to people involved with the telenovela world. These exchanges, via phone or video conference, are always enriching form my students, and I appreciate them very much. This week, the last of this semester, we're focused on these "Telenovela conversations.

I met " Ruxi " through a telenovela message board a few years ago. I also had the privilege of having her as a participant in one of my case studies. I invited Ruxi to my class because I wanted my students to meet her and to learn about telenovela consumption through the eyes of someone who's not from Latin America. We loved our conversation with Ruxi.

She's knowledgeable and has a warm personality. For me, it was truly special to have her in my class. Following is a video with some excerpts from our "Telenovela conversation" with Ruxi. We appreciate her sharing her time and knowledge with us. Labels: TelenovelaTelenovela classTelenovela consumptionTelenovela courseTelenovelasTelenovelas around the world.

At the time, the author had not written a single line of such telenovela. This time, the original source of the rumor is an anonymous post in an Internet message board.

The post was subsequently embellished, copied in other message boards, and repeated by the press I apologize to English readers because these texts are in Spanish :. In the same message board, anonymous posts exaggerate the original one and announce that Ana Karina Manco will be the protagonist:. The Venezuelan press echoes the "news:".

El Sepulturero Ultimas Noticias, Nov. Chepa Candela DiarioNov. Como de costumbre, en el canal se maneja todo con el mayor de los misterios. Hasta piensan en traerse a Lupita Ferrer. I've said it before, and I must say it again:. The entertainment press can and must be better. To repeat without confirmation something that is posted anonymously or using a pseudonym in an Internet message board, is not good journalism.

It only reinforces the generalized opinion that the entertainment press is second tier. Journalism is a key and sacred profession for every society, regardless the beat it covers. And even though this is a blog dedicated to telenovelas, as an educator, I want to post here a couple of articles that appeared in today's Papel Literario in the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional.Amigos X Siempre "Friends For Ever" A group of children from various backgrounds form a special friendship, using music as a bond.

Belinda - Ana An abused child deep in sadness. Votes: The life of a happy family is ruined as soon as Mauricio's wife is thought to be dead in a train accident when apparently was trying to leave her husband. Ramona returns to the family home after years of being educated by nuns. Ramona reunites with her mother and brother and childhood friend, the Indian Alejandro.

telenovelas 2009

Ramona and Alejandro fall in Comedy, Family, Drama. The adventures and lessons learned of the daughter of a depressed rich widower, a sweet-hearted and smart little girl who still talks to her deceased mother.

Drama, Romance. Andrea San Vicente is a young lawyer, she is modern and intelligent. She has a passion for justice and the rights take her to defend those who can't defend for themselves. That same passion Cristina is a beautiful young woman with a powerful father.

She falls in love with a simple worker at her hacienda and gets pregnant. Her father does everything he can to separate the Drama, Family.

Adventure, Drama, Family. Votes: 6. Family, Drama, Romance. In the village of San Andres, the rivalry between two families the Valdes and the Ramirez is centered on "El Manantial", a beautiful fountain of water that happens to bathe the small Romance, Sport.Presentado por: Sylvia Pasquel y Alejandro Tomassi. Presentado por: Maite Perroni y William Levy. Presentado por: Jacqueline Andere. Presentado por: Erika Buenfil y Arturo Peniche. Presentado por: Laura Flores y Alexis Ayala.

Presentado por: Diana Bracho y Enrique Rocha. Presentado por: Marisol del Olmo y Roberto Palazuelos. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre.

Premios TVyNovelas. Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. La excelencia en logros de las telenovelas. Alma de hierro 8. Alma de hierro Premios TVyNovelas Votos por la Web y Jurados Sitio web oficial. Alma de hierro. Al diablo con los guapos. Las tontas no van al cielo. Palabra de mujer. Tormenta en el paraiso. Al diablo con los guapos - Angelli Nesma Medina. Liliana Abud y Ricardo Fiallega - Fuego en la sangre. Blanca Guerra - Alma de hierro.

Adela Noriega - Fuego en la sangre.

telenovelas 2009

Jacqueline Bracamontes - Las tontas no van al cielo. Alejandro Camacho - Alma de hierro. Jorge Salinas - Fuego en la sangre. Juan Soler - Palabra de mujer. Diana Bracho - Fuego en la sangre. Cynthia Klitbo - Palabra de mujer. Alexis Ayala - Juro que te amo.We had so many more prying questions than when we first started in this course and so much more appreciation for what a telenovela is. Being a writer seems like it would be really hard; he said that at times he was responsible for 4 tevenovelas.

I had no idea that the networks pretty much tell them what to write, and they have to follow these guidelines. Also, it was good to hear that if the writer hates where the direction of the telenovela is going, he usually is passionate enough to stop writing because it is not what he envisioned.

I think one of the most surprising things that I learned from taking this class was the globalization and popularity of the telenovela. Millions of people watch them, and not only in Latin America but all over the world. We even got the really popular series Ugly Betty from a telenovela. There are SO many that have been made, both remakes and originals, and they dominate Latin television. There are a lot of factors to why people love them, but in my opinion any good television show has drama and a strong love story.

One of my favorite shows, The Office, has a lot of humor but also still manages to incorporate a love story between two of the main characters. Their love story is one of the reasons I have continued to watch the show from season to season. This idea of love forever and a one true love really keeps viewers watching. It has flown by and this class has absolutely exceeded my expectation levels. The last episode presentation in class today was a great way to end the course. I found it extremely interesting to see how many different endings a telenovela could have.

Like almost everything else, it is completely up to the discretion of the writer to decide how to end it. I wonder if writers start to develop a reputation for having a particular type of ending? The final episode of La Vida Entera was the best example that showed me how unique a writer could make it. That ending in particular was a great way to say goodbye to the viewers and the cast.

I can definitely understand how it could be emotional, when the set was literally getting taken apart, but I also think it could be a time of celebration and looking back on their accomplishments. Did the director check the film to see if it was good?

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This question led me to think back to the chaotic production process. Because the actors are on a strict time schedule and must film an episode a day, does this sometimes hinder the quality of their work?

telenovelas 2009

I wonder if there are instances in which this has happen…. In conclusion, I just wanted to say thanks to Dr. A for teaching such an incredible course! I have enjoyed every minute of it and am so glad I had the opportunity to learn about such a unique subject.

I really have loved our skype conversations in class this week!! You should have heard me try to explain this concept to my mom over the phone. This is a condensed version of how it went:. When they finally let me explain, they thought what we are doing in class this week is really amazing.

I really enjoyed our conversation with Alberto Gomez because it got me once again thinking a lot about the consumption side of telenovelas.

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Gomez mentioned that he needed to make Telenovelas that the audience will enjoy and receive well and I immediately wondered if it was as simple as that in terms of audience consumption.

I definitely agree that audiences play a huge role in the success or failure of a telenovela, but I also wonder if writers and networks, who so often play it safe with telenovela themes and plotlines, can really know if an audience would reject a more daring telenovela.

It seems like such a never-ending circle between production and consumption that it is difficult, or maybe impossible, to discover who shapes who more. Do audiences choose their plot lines or are their preferences dictated by what is available on TV? I know its not that simple but I wish I could dissect this relationship further.Watch the video. Childhood friends Elisa, Damian, and Gael meet again as adults and their relationship strains under the weight of their warring families and romantic entanglements.

Worlds collide and lives shatter when Altagracia, a powerful and elegant businesswoman, plots a twisted revenge while falling in love. Loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo tells the story of Gabriela Suarez a woman framed for the death of her father by starting a mine explosion that killed many.

She was sent to an Teresa is a young woman dominated by her greed. Her parents have made great sacrifices to give her a good, decent life, but Teresa wants more, a lot more. A terrible tragedy puts an end to a group of friends' pleasure voyage.

Maria hears a gunshot, and finds her friend Patricia dead, and, within her confusion, she picks up the gun. Maria is Montserrat Mendoza Boyer is a beautiful young woman who's family is in danger of financial ruin.

After Montserrat ruins her engagement to her boyfriend, to save their wealth, her conniving Cristina is a beautiful young woman with a powerful father. She falls in love with a simple worker at her hacienda and gets pregnant.

List of Televisa telenovelas and series (2010s)

Her father does everything he can to separate the Renata, a spirited woman, is treated cruelly by her mother and sister. A mistreated girl falls desperately in love with the man of her dreams.

But there are evil forces at play that threaten to keep them apart.

100 Telenovelas Mexicaines de Televisa [2000 - 2016]

Esmeralda is a blind and very poor young girl living in a shack with her stepmother But Rodrigo Montes de Oca and Leonarda are able to stop the wedding, separate them and fake Juans death. From their love Juan del Diablo is born, then taken from his mom at birth and grows up away from his real family.

Many years later he return where he meets Aimee and Regina, twin sisters identical on the outside but very different inside. Juan falls in love with Aimee but her treachery and ambition ends that love.

Some time later destiny reunites Juan and Regina both disappointed in those they chose to love and refusing the opportunity to open up to new love. The popularity of this classic story dictated that there would eventually be a fourth telenovela version and that each new generation of viewers will experience a new one as it comes out of post-production. Not having read the book nor seen the first two series on which it was based, I have no idea how far any version deviates from Caridad Bravo Adams' original novel, but this one is likely the one farthest afield.

Televisa's formula of a controlling parent for at least one of the lovers in a story always works and now we have two controlling parents portrayed by veteran actors who have excelled in such signature roles.

Only now, instead of Alejandro Aldama our hero is called Juan del Diablo. Here he is the son of the tragic Maria del Rosario previously Blancaflor Montes de Oca and the studly fisherman Juan de Dios; he promises the latter to get revenge on Rodrigo for his parents' tragedy. He's also in excellent shape and isn't showing his age.

Her early episodes demonstrate that she has an obvious appetite for playing the bad girl, something she never previously had an opportunity to do. She's in over her head with the rest of the excellent cast. Helena Rojo and Enrique Rocha are always first-rate and the supporting players were well-chosen. The production is beautiful and more elaborate than either of the 90s series; probably with day-for-night shooting, which makes for better picture clarity.

The incidental music is excellent and incorporates music of the story's period and a performance of the cancan in the ship's ballroom by Madame Marlene's courtesans.Sign In.

Edit Pobre Diabla —. Diego Montenegro episodes, Hector Arredondo Yadira Soto 48 episodes, Carla Carrillo El Piojo 7 episodes, Armando Torrea Teresa 2 episodes, Luis Ferrer Rosa 2 episodes, Francisco Barcala Director del carcel 2 episodes, Jessica Garza Mariel 2 episodes, Johnny Gerland Chimirra 2 episodes, Alberto Trujillo Hombre de Horacio 2 episodes, Francisco Angelini Gabriel 1 episode, Anna Gaby Cuquita 1 episode, Mauricio Ajas Ham Gustavo 1 episode, Francisco de la O Edit page.

Add episode. Most Popular Azteca Telenovelas.

telenovelas 2009

Top Telenovelas of the Last 10 Years. Share this page:. Clear your history. Daniela Montenegro 'La Diabla' episodes, Diego Montenegro episodes, Carmen 48 episodes, Yadira Soto 48 episodes, Padre Vicente 'Chente' Rocha 48 episodes, The following is a list of telenovelas produced by Televisa in the s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from List of telenovelas of Televisa in s.

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