Prius multi information display not working

The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular new hybrids and economy vehicles available. The symptoms are the same as those you may have heard about in ther postings. For example intermittent problems with sluggish response of touch screen, no read-out of mileage or energy flows, radio shuts off suddenly, no climate control.

Other functions you cannot reliably control with the touch screen. Ask about our Prius Display Repair. The multi-function display does not respond to touch inputs, so inputting an address to use the navigation is impossible. This also means you are unable to control the audio and climate controls from the screen. In a computer-filled car like the Prius, low battery voltage can cause all manner of strange failures.

Before removing the MFD, test the 12V battery. It is relatively expensive to replace, so have it tested before replacing it.

prius multi information display not working

You can check the voltage using a voltmeter at the jump point under the hood. If you check the 12V battery and this was not the problem.

Used is expensive, but at least within reason. We will fix the failing Prius Display issue. You remove the unit and send it to us, we will make the repair and send it back.

We will test if your multi-function display is broken and make the Prius Display Repair.

How to UPGRADE the Prius Stereo! (2004-09) (Comprehensive)

Failures on the 06 models occur but are not as common. Get your Prius Display Repair. Full Name required. Email Address required. Service Needed. Zip Code. Description of the Problem. Please leave this field empty. We can program and newer digital odometers for your new or replacement cluster with the correct mileage and hours. Prius Display Repair The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular new hybrids and economy vehicles available. We offer Prius Display Repair The symptoms are the same as those you may have heard about in ther postings.

Repairing the Multi-function Display is much cheaper. No starts, Rough running, Stalling Contact us if you think your ficm is bad and needs to be replaced. ASK US!To completely fix your cluster, combination meter, instrument panel, speedometer, or dash that is going out and causing other issues such as not being able to turn off vehicle, unable to open trunk, backup camera not functioning, and forcing you to reset your Prius by unplugging the white harness by the battery terminal, which will only solve the issue temporary; follow the next steps to fix it completely and avoid paying hundreds of dollars for a simple solution.

Heads up! You will need to remove dash and solder a capacitor in back of the speedometer, which should be a piece of cake if you follow the steps below. Estimated time to complete the job is 1. Capacitor uf 16v Pack of 5. If you need to test the performance on your capacitor make sure you use a capacitor meter with UF measurability, a multimeter might not have this function.

Capacitor Tester. Now you can either solder a uf 16v on top of the uf 16v or remove it and replace it with a uf 16v capacitor. I personally think it is easier to solder the uf 16v on top of that one. An example image of what I did shown below. You can probably do a better job than I did, this is my second time doing this. According to some forums and videos found online this capacitor is the only thing that is different in the new speedometer, which is said to be too weak to hold the capacity.

Step 3: Finally, you can put everything back together and enjoy your Prius again. Like Liked by 2 people.

I removed the original capacitor and soldered a uf 16v capacitor onto the two silver pads that were there. The most time consuming part of the whole thing was taking the dash apart since mine had never been disassembled before.

Like Like. The links to the capacitors in Amazon are discontinued. Any suggestions where the 22 capacitor can be purchased?

No Dash Display

Thanks for the page. I followed the directions and I was able to complete the repair. It took me about 6 hours to get through everything, but well worth the time. Appreciate the effort you and the youtube producer put in to help people. Thanks for taking the time to make this page.

prius multi information display not working

I should have probably just piggybacked a microfarad like you did, but a was what I had. I removed the original by using the soldering iron to heat up the positive and negative pad for the original capacitor and wiggling it off when each side became liquefied. I am not good at all at soldering, but I had a little luck or the divine guidance I prayed for on my side for about 45 seconds of relative competence.

After reading this, I sense we got royally screwed by the Toyota dealership mechanics. Could it be something else besides the capacitor? Hi Robert, I would still assume the uf capacitor is too low. Please share how it goes, this will help others as well.

Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks for the response. I took it apart today and soldered a capacitor. Put it back together and it seems to work fine so far. Great DIY post! Others say same as you. Thanks for the simple, confident fix with helpful photos! Please tell us if your fix is still working any issues?I have Toyota Prius, the instrument cluster fails intermittently. The vehicle will not shut off without trying multiple times.

When i mention this to the Toyota Service Dept they act like they have never heard of this problem and mine is the only car doing this. The Hid headlights are always failing, going off while driving.

There was a warranty extension to 9 years with unlimited miles, but my Prius missed that deadline by about one week. Thank you Toyota for screwing me over.

Though I think you still make better vehicles than the rest, it would be nice to show a greater effort and stand behind your vehicles. I have three Toyotas but am not sure there will be any more. The entire computer whose sole function is to display the speed, the odometer and the fuel level will fail intermittently.

The problem seems to occur after a warm day followed by a cool night. The next morning, the computer will not boot up like all the other computer controls on the Prius, although the car can still be driven, it has no speedometer and no fuel gauge. All miles driven are not recorded until the computer suddenly boots up while driving.

Intermittently, when the computer suddenly boots while driving, lots of error lights will appear and an alarm will sound, then the error lights go out and and the car begins to work normally again.

This problem is well known to Toyota and I have read that if pressed, Toyota may agree to replace the computer, since they know of the problem but chose not to recall the vehicle.

Dash Electric Issue

No dash display, has happened three separate occasions. When this happens the engine won't turn off, had to hold button off for five seconds. It later, magically, works. Happened in Houston during cold weather. Taking it in tomorrow to get it checked. I expected more out of Toyota.

Screen question

What I got was a new car whose tires needed to be replaced at 25K and a touch screen monitor at just about four years. I'm going back to Honda!You can save this vehicle to My Garage by simply signing in or creating a new account. Find your Toyota or Scion model so that we can personalize your experience. Dealerships for Puerto Rico can be viewed on an external site.

Select your vehicle to uncover all you need to know about your Toyota, from warranties on replacement parts to manuals for unique vehicle needs. No Owner's Manuals were found for your. No Accessories, Audio or Navigation manuals were found for your.

No warranty information was found for your. But it doesn't stop there. Emissions Coverage 1 Coverages vary under Federal and California regulations. For Toyota hybrid vehicles beginning with model yearthe hybrid HV battery is covered for 10 years from original date of first use ormiles, whichever comes first. Coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty. See Owner's Warranty and Maintenance Guide for details. We are proud to announce a significant enhancement to our Hybrid Battery Warranty.

Starting with the model year, every Toyota hybrid battery warranty is being increased from 8 years ormiles, to 10 years from date of first use, ormiles whichever comes first. This enhancement serves as an indication of our confidence in the quality, dependability, and reliability of our products. The HV battery may have longer coverage under emissions warranty. Toyota Genuine Parts are built to the highest standards of quality, durability and performance. Most have month coverage, and there aren't many, if any, companies that offer a longer guarantee.

Prius (Gen 3) :: Blank Display After 12v Battery Went Dead

For accessories purchased after the new vehicle purchase, the coverage is 12 months, regardless of mileage, from the date the accessory was installed on the vehicle, or the remainder of any applicable new vehicle warranty, whichever provides greater coverage, with the exception of car covers. Car covers are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase and do not assume any coverage under the Toyota New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Every Toyota Certified Used Vehicle is put through a point quality insurance inspection, with each Used Hybrid tested to a point standard. Every new Toyota comes with ToyotaCare 2a no cost maintenance plan with hour roadside assistance. Learn more about features and functionalities for your vehicle. From audio to optional exterior components, we've got you covered. We've got the perfect parts and accessories made to fit the exact specifications of your Toyota.

Keep your Toyota a Toyota. Find service centers and dealer offers near you. Toyota Owner manuals and warranty information are the keys to quality maintenance for your vehicle. No need to hunt down a separate Toyota repair manual or Toyota service manual. From warranties on Toyota replacement parts to details on features, Toyota Owners manuals help you find everything you need to know about your vehicle, all in one place.The battery went dead on my Prius and when I had AAA jump start the car the clock plus the display with odometer, mpg, hybrid battery graph etc, no longer light up.

Everything else seems to work. Is there any easy way reset it other than taking to the dealer?

prius multi information display not working

Could a fuse have blown etc.? My Prius sat idle, parked for 7 days while my wife and I were on vacation. When we went to pick up the car, the airport valet said that the Prius wouldn't start, and so that they'd have to jump it.

I approved the jumpstart, and got into the car. The car was beeping, acceleration was lost and it eventually died on the side of the road. The car would not start back up.

Had it towed to the nearest dealership. Initial diag from the service manager was that the 12v battery was dead. I approved replacement of that, and also authorized clearing out "a few software alerts".

prius multi information display not working

Got a call later in the day from the same manager very nice guy and there are about 11 errors that cannot be cleared out. Now he's asking for hours labor to "trace the wiring" as suggested by Toyota. Apparently the tech had been in touch with them all day. I took the Prius on a ski trip and halfway to our destination the speedometer display went blank and has not yet come back to life. My wife on her way home from work called me to say that the MID screen was blank - not working.

I asked if she could drive the car, she could, but the energy monitor screen that she has on usually was not coming on.

Her concern while driving was that she could not tell how fast she was going. This is a new Prius IV that is about 2 months old. I'm pretty sure that MID can't be turned off. Went to a meeting one evening last week with my Prius, everything working well.

After the meeting we drove away and noticed that most of the dash display was "dark". Driving home and feeling a little gloom as I wondered what it might cost to fix the display problem.

I noticed the poster announcing the meeting we attended was laying on the dash and was pushed up to the display screen. I pulled the poster back an inch and the display came back on!!JimN Let the games begin! The battery is 5 years old and driving a total of miles didn't keep it fully charged. The BatteryMinder will help prolong the life of the battery but it is due for replacement.

Date: May I have a Toyota prius and after approx. I am posting this info in the case this helps someone else facing similar issues I did. Background Story read if you have the time; if not, skip ahead to Symptoms of a dead aux.

After a brief stop, when I tried starting the car it wouldn't start. Pressing the start button with brakes depressed did not start the vehicle. Tried multiple times. With a sign of relief, then drove away. Car and all other electronics ran fine. My next stop was at my hotel that evening. After I parked in a safe spot in the parking lot, I turned off and tried to turn the car back on again with no luck.

I tried several times but wasn't lucky. Luckily, I was near an autozone auto parts store. Hooked it to the front jump start locations. Next, I tried jump starting using the rear battery location. Since my aux battery died, I couldn't open the trunk using the button. I then had to enter through the rear door of the prius, remove the storage area compartment cover and the plastic hard storage tray, remove the plastic tab covering the manual latch and then pull it to open the trunk they made it so damn difficult to open the trunk manually!!

Once I hooked up the jump starter battery, I started the car and it started fine. I saw the left display which shows the speedometer, mpg etc work but not the MID which has info on the hybrid system. I turned off the car and started it again. MID wouldn't work. I left the car running for a little bit to see if the aux battery would charge up. After a few minutes, I saw the check engine light up!! I was worried if the engine was damaged somehow.

The aux battery didn't charge enough. I went to my hotel room at this point to rest and to deal with this in the morning. I looked up the nearest dealers and found one within 2 miles. I called the nearest toyota dealer the next morning luckily, they were within two miles and were ready to take my car in without prior appointment to replace the aux.

I jump started my car and went to the dealer directly. I readily accepted, waited the hour. No check engine light. All systems seemed to working normally. I was extremely relieved and went on my merry way. No issues thereafter. Symptoms of a dead aux.We just purchased a Prius V 2, and when we drove home we had a screen that showed information in green, i. After a couple of days we pushed the car button on the Right side of the bottom screen and a screen called Trip Information showed up, all lettering, etc.

We cannot get back to the original screen. Any ideas? That would be a good answer, but it stayed green for several days until we pressed the "car" button on the right hand side of the screen, at which time the Trip Information screen came up and we cannot get back to the original screen. The background is black, or dark, but the wording was in green. The trip info. Thanks for taking time to send a note.

Maeve answered 4 years ago. Do you have a wife? If so, send her into any dealership with the car and they will help her for free. After a couple of days we pushed the car button on the Right side of I bought yesterday.

To start you step on brake and the screen lights up to say "ready" so you push Start button. Today, I step on the brake and no screenlights up so I push the start button and t Both of my car pool partner and me have a Prius.

His ismine is Later last week, he added gas before we drove home. When we arrived, the MPG on his car showed I added gas in the same On most cars today there is a miles range display on the display screen. We have a and a Prius and the does not show this, am I missing something? I've looked in my manual but can't find out what it means. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

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