California administrative procedure act 11500

The state law, like its federal counterpart, is quite extensive. Article 2 — Definitions — Sections Article 3 — Filing and Publication — Sections — Article 6 — Review of Proposed Regulations — Sections — Article 7 — Review of Existing Regulations — Sections The following are the Government Code sections of the APA and the main provisions contained in these sections:.

Section Section — OAL must utilize unique identification numbers for each regulation. Section — State agencies must transit regulatory filings. Section — OAL is not required to develop a unique identification number system or make the Notice Register available on its website until January 1, Section — This chapter is intended to establish basic minimum procedural requirements for the adoption, amendment or repeal of administrative regulations.

An agency may consult with interested person before initiating regulatory action. The agency must provide notice to interested parties at least five days before submitting an emergency regulation to OAL. If a public hearing is not held, then written submission may be presented. At least 15 days prior to the close of the comment period, any person may request in writing a public hearing, which then must be held. Section — If an agency does not proceed with a proposed action, it must deliver notice of that decision to OAL for publication.

It shall be open to the public and is required to contain specified information. Section — Each agency must keep rulemaking records on all of its pending rulemaking actions. If that does not occur, the regulation is deemed approved.

If disapproved, OAL must return it to the agency within the 30 day period with specified reasons for the disapproval. OAL must allow interested persons 5 calendar days to submit comments on the proposed regulations.In this chapter unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires: a "Agency" includes the state boards, commissions, and officers to which this chapter is made applicable by law, except that wherever the word "agency" alone is used the power to act may be delegated by the agency, and wherever the words "agency itself" are used the power to act shall not be delegated unless the statutes relating to the particular agency authorize the delegation of the agency's power to hear and decide.

This subdivision applies to a hearing required to be conducted under this chapter that is conducted under the informal hearing or emergency decision procedure provided in Chapter 4. Each administrative law judge shall have been admitted to practice law in this state for at least five years immediately preceding his or her appointment and shall possess any additional qualifications established by the State Personnel Board for the particular class of position involved.

A hearing to determine whether a right, authority, license or privilege should be revoked, suspended, limited or conditioned shall be initiated by filing an accusation. The accusation shall be a written statement of charges which shall set forth in ordinary and concise language the acts or omissions with which the respondent is charged, to the end that the respondent will be able to prepare his defense.

It shall specify the statutes and rules which the respondent is alleged to have violated, but shall not consist merely of charges phrased in the language of such statutes and rules. The accusation shall be verified unless made by a public officer acting in his official capacity or by an employee of the agency before which the proceeding is to be held.

The verification may be on information and belief. A hearing to determine whether a right, authority, license, or privilege should be granted, issued, or renewed shall be initiated by filing a statement of issues. The statement of issues shall be a written statement specifying the statutes and rules with which the respondent must show compliance by producing proof at the hearing and, in addition, any particular matters that have come to the attention of the initiating party and that would authorize a denial of the agency action sought.

The statement of issues shall be verified unless made by a public officer acting in his or her official capacity or by an employee of the agency before which the proceeding is to be held.

The statement of issues shall be served in the same manner as an accusation, except that, if the hearing is held at the request of the respondent, Sections and shall not apply and the statement of issues together with the notice of hearing shall be delivered or mailed to the parties as provided in Section Unless a statement to respondent is served pursuant to Sectiona copy of Sections In the following sections of this chapter, all references to accusations shall be deemed to be applicable to statements of issues except in those cases mentioned in subdivision a of Section and Section where compliance is not required.

The agency may include with the accusation any information which it deems appropriate, but it shall include a post card or other form entitled Notice of Defense which, when signed by or on behalf of the respondent and returned to the agency, will acknowledge service of the accusation and constitute a notice of defense under Section The copy of the accusation shall include or be accompanied by 1 a statement that respondent may request a hearing by filing a notice of defense as provided in Section within 15 days after service upon the respondent of the accusation, and that failure to do so will constitute a waiver of the respondent's right to a hearing, and 2 copies of Sections The request for a hearing may be made by delivering or mailing the enclosed form entitled Notice of Defense, or by delivering or mailing a notice of defense as provided by Section of the Government Code to: here insert name and address of agency.

You may, but need not, be represented by counsel at any or all stages of these proceedings. If you desire the names and addresses of witnesses or an opportunity to inspect and copy the items mentioned in Section The hearing may be postponed for good cause. If you have good cause, you are obliged to notify the agency or, if an administrative law judge has been assigned to the hearing, the Office of Administrative Hearings, within 10 working days after you discover the good cause.

Failure to give notice within 10 days will deprive you of a postponement. But no order adversely affecting the rights of the respondent shall be made by the agency in any case unless the respondent shall have been served personally or by registered mail as provided herein, or shall have filed a notice of defense or otherwise appeared. Service may be proved in the manner authorized in civil actions. Service by registered mail shall be effective if a statute or agency rule requires the respondent to file the respondent's address with the agency and to notify the agency of any change, and if a registered letter containing the accusation and accompanying material is mailed, addressed to the respondent at the latest address on file with the agency.

Failure to file a notice of defense shall constitute a waiver of respondent's right to a hearing, but the agency in its discretion may nevertheless grant a hearing.Chapter 3. Amended by Stats. Effective January 1, Operative July 1,by Sec. The director shall appoint and maintain a staff of full-time, and may appoint pro tempore part-time, administrative law judges qualified under Section which is sufficient to fill the needs of the various state agencies. The director shall also appoint any other technical and clerical personnel as may be required to perform the duties of the office.

The director shall assign an administrative law judge for any proceeding arising under Chapter 5 commencing with Section and, upon request from any agency, may assign an administrative law judge to conduct other administrative proceedings not arising under that chapter and shall assign hearing reporters as required.

Any administrative law judge or other employee so assigned shall be deemed an employee of the office and not of the agency to which he or she is assigned. When not engaged in hearing cases, administrative law judges may be assigned by the director to perform other duties vested in or required of the office, including those provided for in Section The total cost to the state of maintaining and operating the Office of Administrative Hearings shall be determined by, and collected by the Department of General Services in advance or upon such other basis as it may determine from the state or other public agencies for which services are provided by the office.

All departments, agencies, officers, and employees of the state shall give the office ready access to their records and full information and reasonable assistance in any matter of research requiring recourse to them or to data within their knowledge or control. Nothing in this section authorizes an agency to provide access to records required by statute to be kept confidential. The regulations are subject to Chapter 3. Government Code - GOV.

TITLE 2. PART 1. General Provisions [ - The California Administrative Procedure Act APA is a series of acts of the California Legislature first enacted 15 June that requires California state agencies to adopt regulations in accordance with its provisions.

The act allows the public to participate in the adoption of state regulations in order to ensure that the regulations are clear, necessary, and legally valid. These changes include the adoption of a new regulation or the amendment or repeal of an existing one. According to the act, an agency can adopt a new regulation only if it is within their scope of authority and consistent with state law. The act explicitly states that in any area where state or federal regulations may conflict with the act, state or federal regulations should be held superior.

The act created the Office of Administrative Law. The director of this agency is appointed by the governor and subject to confirmation by the senate.

Administrative Procedure Act & OAL Regulations

The director appoints a staff of full-time attorneys, and any other technical or clerical positions that need to be filled.

The California Administrative Procedure Act has been criticized for being wrapped in unneeded bureaucracy. A California Performance Review report describes how the act contains numerous layers of housekeeping details that increase cost and delay without adding value to the resulting regulations. For example, the Office of Administrative Law is required to review each proposed regulation for necessity. The OAL interprets this to mean describing the necessity of each individual provision in the Initial Statement of Reasons for the regulation.

The CPR sees this as unnecessary. The CPR report suggests that the governor and the legislature work together to amend the act. Changes suggested include simplifying rulemaking documents to the original requirements containing only the minimum number of documents and clarifying that necessity can be shown by demonstrating the overall necessity, and not calling for the necessity of each individual provision. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

September California Law Review. Widener Journal of Law and Public Policy : 1. Tulsa Law Journal. Categories : California statutes California administrative law.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.General Provisions Division 2. Office of Administrative Hearings Chapter 1.

The application shall be served on all other parties, together with a copy of the proposed decision. A copy of the proof of service shall be filed with the application.

The opposition shall be served on all parties and filed with OAH, with a copy of the proof of service. If the Presiding Judge permits oral argument, at least 5 days notice of the time and place for oral argument shall be given.

The Presiding Judge shall decide the matter no later than 5 days after it is submitted. Subject to section c 2 Cthe agency may decide the application itself or refer it to the Presiding Judge to decide. If the application is referred to the Presiding Judge, the provisions of paragraph a 1 - 6 shall apply.

Before making any correction under this paragraph, an ALJ may, in his or her discretion, provide notice to all parties and an opportunity to be heard. The agency may obtain an electronic copy of the proposed decision for this purpose upon written request addressed to the Presiding Judge of the OAH office that issued the proposed decision.

When OAH provides an electronic copy of the proposed decision to the agency, it does not constitute OAH's approval of any changes the agency proposes. The agency shall send a copy of the proposed decision, as corrected, to OAH. The stipulation pursuant to the agreement must be in writing, signed by all parties, and clearly identify the change s or correction s to be made in the proposed decision.

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